Real Estate Consultancy

Making better decisions in real estate

With our welth of experience in real estate consulting services we can help you turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth. From business owners and investors to lenders and corporate groups, we offer you the experience, know-how, and the strategic planning that helps lead to better decisions. Our range of services includes: Due diligence, market studies, portfolio services, lease advisory, and more. Virtually everything you need to enhance the value of your proerty business.

We do this by assisting our clients achieve successful outcomes and enhance the value of their business, we leverage analytics to produce deeper, transformative insights in areas such as valuation, due diligence, and portfolio optimization. Our Real Estate Consulting practice helps companies turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage.

With a deep understanding of the interplay between asset valuation, and today’s changing real estate marketplace issues, we offer clients innovative ideas on how to enhance their results and get ahead of key issues.We provide you with a full spectrum of real estate valuation services, including:

  • Evaluating large and diverse portfolios
  • Performing single-property analyses
  • Identifying and performing valuations of tangible and intangible real estate-related assets such as in-place leases, above and below market leases, and tenant relationships

Our clients trust us—and our in-depth experience—to provide them with deep, forward-looking insights that can help them strategically plan and make decisions with confidence. Clients include:

  • Business owners
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • Operators
  • Intermediaries and more

Real Estate Consultancy

We provide Real Estate consulting services for individuals and small syndicates. Whether you are a first time or an experienced investor, We have the valuable experience to offer you with best options available.


Facility Management

Our core valuation and consultancy business is complemented by expertise in a wide range of services in which we have exceptional strengths. The facilities we manage ranges from commercial and residential houses.


Architectural Designs & Development

Our consortium of Contractors makes Sterling Homes Ltd the only place to call when considering your project. Our professional service includes the drawing up of plans by our architects according to you requirements.